Volare 300
Volare 300
V-300 is based on the famous Mission concept of IDG (Inverted Driver Geometry) where the treble unit is placed below the bass unit to provide full-time alignment. This new design features a carbon fibre cone for the bass unit, driven by a strong magnet and mounted on a cast aluminium chassis. The treble unit is a ribbon design, with a planar diaphragm, giving an extended response up to 40kHz. This combination produces a detailed and exciting sound, giving you all the musical enjoyment you need from your hi-fi system.


•2-way Bookshelf speakers / Standmount
•6” Carbon Fibre Cone
•50*25mm  ribbon Treble Driver

•(2V/1m) Sensitivity 88dB
•25- 120W Recommended Amplifier Power
•6 Ohms (8Ω) Nominal Impedance
•3.5 Ohms Minimum Impedance

•Frequency Response  ±3dB     45- 24kHz
•Crossover Frequency  3.0kHz
•Measurement (H*W*D): (300+18)*205*(314+10)
•Net Weight  8.4kg/ pc

Available in Black & Rosewood  Veneer.