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Since its foundation in 1977, Mission has been recognised as one of the leading lights of the audio industry. Our continuous research programme has led to award-winning products in every sector of the loudspeaker market. These have been recognised by some of the most prestigious audio press and industry bodies, both here in the UK and from around the world. These awards encompass innovative design; build quality, acoustic performance and quality of service.

Mission’s loudspeaker cabinets begin life as large sheets of wood delivered to the cabinet plant for machining, sanding, sealing and lacquering before assembly as loudspeaker enclosures. Mission’s cabinet plant can produce approx. 10,000 floor-standing cabinets per month. Every machine connects to a highly sophisticated dust extraction system providing over 80% of the fuel for the factory, in the form of heating and air conditioning.

The automated CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) routers take 2.44M by 1.22M boards of MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) and using diamond tipped cutters, produce the components necessary for our cabinet assembly. Whilst the majority of the cabinet manufacture is automated, the construction and the finishing are done by hand to ensure air tight seals and a perfect finish. The use of a precision pad sander still requires the human touch to attain the high quality finish Mission customers have come to expect from our products.

Every veneered cabinet manufactured, undergoes numerous finishing processes. These include, initial sealing of the veneer followed by 4 coats of water-based lacquers, between each coat the lacquered veneer is re-sanded to give a superior finish. Gloss finished cabinets are finished with 7 coats of gloss lacquers, each one dried at an ambient temperature for 24 hours then cut and polished by hand before the next layer is applied. Mission's high quality finishing is something that can only be achieved through years of experience; many of those employed are seasoned quality cabinet makers and finishers used to working to piano grade standards.

The drive units used in mission loudspeakers are each superlative examples of the art. Manufactured entirely in-house, even down to the motor assembly, they are all engineered to work in perfect synergy with the rest of the design. A huge range of cone materials, voice-coils, surrounds and chassis are used within our drive unit production department, which allow great flexibility for our acoustic engineers. Today, we manufacture over 600

The completed cabinets are then transferred through from the cabinet plant into the loudspeaker assembly area in matched veneered pairs. At this stage and indeed at every stage, quality control is at the forefront of all our employees' minds. If one cabinet of a pair is found to be defective in anyway, both cabinets are removed from the line. The installation of the acoustic foam for the dampening of the cabinet and the fitting of the crossover takes place first.

Next is the installation of the drive units, again at this point attention to detail is paramount. Precision air torque screwdrivers are employed to minimise the burring of screw heads, whilst ensuring that every screw fitted is to the same torque. This eliminates distortion of the drive unit surround, which alleviates any possibility of adverse affects on the sound reproduction.

At this point every finished product has been inspected and acoustically tested against a specified reference unit, the reference unit being provided by our Research and development’s Acoustic engineers. This is to ensure that every loudspeaker leaving the factory conforms to the correct specification.

Once boxed, the products are then transferred onto pallets and cling wrapped, reducing movement and damage to the packaging whilst in transit to our central distribution warehouse. Once palletised, the completed product is then loaded onto one of our transportation vehicles, to be taken to the central distribution warehouse for storage. From this central distribution warehouse we export worldwide to over 40 countries including UK, USA, Japan, China and Hong Kong.