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Active Subwoofer

A Subwoofer is an essential piece to any stereo system and the Mission MS Sub is the perfect choice. Mission MS Sub range offers a complete subwoofer solution, and is ideal for improving bass performance in any home cinema or stereo system.

Each model in the Mission MS Sub range incorporates a developed long-throw bass driver and an ultra fast balance-drive Class D power amplifier engineered to create a powerful response. Meanwhile a variable crossover frequency control provides seamless integration with other speakers in the system to produce extended subsonic with total precision and clarity.


  • Active Dynamic-Drive IB subwoofer
  • 1 x (10'') 250mm long-throw woofer
  • 35 - 120Hz frequency response
  • 215W amplifier output
  • 450W peak power output


  • 200mV input line sensitivity
  • 30 - 120Hz crossover frequency
  • Stereo RCA Phono input
  • Mono(LFE) RCA Phono input
  • ≥85dB


  • 115dB average max output @ 1m
  •  402 x 352 x 375 (mm)
  • 17kg