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To   deliver   that   full   cinema  experience,  simply  choose  among Mission’s active subwoofers to handle all the effects that accompany modern music and movie soundtracks. Each subwoofer either has a down-firing  or forward-firing bass unit to improve room coupling at low  frequencies,  dispersing  the  sound   evenly   throughout   the  listening  area.  These  active  subwoofers  also  feature   adjustable  crossover  frequency,  level  control  and phase switch that enables seamless integration with your choice of home cinema loudspeakers and amplifiers.

The   Mission  active   subwoofer  range   includes  the  MS-8  which features  a  larger  200mm  bass  unit  whilst the MS-Cube, MS-Duo, and  MS-10  models   has   an   impressive  250mm   bass  unit   for astounding  bass  impact.  All  of Mission’s subwoofers are fitted with custom-designed  integral  amplifiers,  each  specifically  tuned to its bass unit for controlled low frequency performance

- MS-8
   • Adjustable crossover frequency
   • Level control and phase switch for seamless integration
- MS-10
   • LFE and Speaker level inputs
   • Large anti-turbulence port
   • Downward firing bass unit
   • Full magnetic shielding
- MS Cube
   • Sealed box
   • High quality gloss finishes
   • User configurable front/down firing configuration to maximize performance when installed inside of a cabinet or other custom install
   • Subwoofer connections and controls are designed to enable easy, seamless integration with any 2.1 music or 5.1 home theatre system

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